Install more systems faster than ever before

Our wireless BEMS can be built and installed up to 40% quicker than a standard wired BEMS, meaning you can install more sites in more buildings than ever before.

Easy to install, even during business hours

Because our sensors are wireless and discrete, they can be installed during regular working hours. That means no overnight labour and no costly shut-downs for your clients. Sensors can be installed in a matter of minutes, with no cables to run, no ceilings to cross or holes to drill – simple.


    • Demand response
    • STOR
    • Frequency response
    • Metering
    • ABB inverter interface
    • Danfoss inverter interface
    • Emmerson inverter interface
    • Optimiser
    • Compensator
    • Pump changeover
    • Step sequencer
    • PID control
    • Waterside fancoil unit control
    • Airside fancoil unit control
    • Lighting control
  • Auto seasonal setpoint adjustment
  • Occupancy environmental control
  • A/C overlay control
  • Global commands over network
  • Modbus over long range wireless
Old Buildings

Historic buildings are a nightmare when it comes to energy consumption and installation. Installing a standard BEMS without damaging the building, or having unsightly cabling trailing across a wall is difficult – Not with WEMS.

Smaller buildings

Smaller buildings have never really been an option for traditional BEMS. They usually don’t have the energy consumption to deliver a reasonable ROI, meaning the addition of controls always seems expensive. With WEMS wireless BEMS, the issue of scale is removed.

Disparate Buildings

Often there are sites that have multiple different buildings with no connection between them. Connecting a cable between rooftops is sometimes difficult or impossible, and sinking a cable beneath the surface can be incredibly expensive. Using our powerful wireless BEMS, cabling in these situations could be a thing of the past.

Moving sites

A wired BEMS simply can’t be unplugged and moved when your client decides to move offices, it would be massively expensive. When your clients move, our wireless BEMS can move with them, quickly and easily.

Scaling Up

When your client builds and extension or takes on another floor in their building, it can often be difficult to incorporate it into their BEMS system. Using our wireless BEMS, it’s just a few more sensors, controllers and some configuration. No downtime, no cabling, no problem.

Install in more buildings than ever before

Our wireless BEMS technology opens up possibilities for sites and areas considered ‘too costly to wire’. And, because wireless is non-invasive it is suitable for small to medium sized buildings, heavy industrial sites or even heritage properties. For the end user, a wireless approach ensures minimal disruption to trading and operations – and maximum portability of the system.

Pre-build your systems for faster installs

It’s not only the lack of wires that makes our BEMS so simple to engineer and install. Our devices can be built off-site (either by your own team or ours), installed quickly, and cost effectively. This keeps project costs and specialist skills requirements to an absolute minimum. What’s more, our wireless BEMS is built to open standards, which supports integration with existing building management systems.

Why use WEMS?

Fast installation

Thanks to our wireless technology, WEMS BEMS installs can typically be 40% faster than their wired BMS counterparts.  


Our wireless installs aren’t just fast, they can be completed during regular business hours, meaning no downtime for your business and no costly out of hours working.


Fast client ROI

Because the install is quicker, can be completed in business hours and involves less labour, the WEMS system represents a fast return on investment.

Data exchange

A WEMS wireless BEMS is one of the most open systems in terms of data exchange. Additions are constantly made to improve the data input and output from our systems, allowing you to import and export into a number of different formats and via a number of different protocols.

Some of the businesses with our wireless BEMS already installed

Our systems and I/O are installed all over the world, in a range of different buildings, with different uses and different needs.

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